Wealth Advisory & Financial Planning

At Vetiva, we understand that at the core of an individuals success, is a holistic financial plan which evolves with their ever-changing financial requirements and aspirations.

Our Financial Planning Solutions are designed to provide expert support to help manage complex financial issues, and how they can affect your life goals whether you are working to achieve current financial success, or protect and preserve your assets over the long term.

Asset Acquisition

Looking to finance the acquisition of a personal asset a house, yacht, automobile, our financial advisors will assist you achieve your goals.

Taking into consideration your current financial position as well as your future obligations, Vetiva will help you design a plan towards acquiring your desired asset. You deserve to live a life of your dreams.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning remains the most significant saving and investing goal of an individual. Whether you are just out of college and have 40 years until retirement or you plan on retiring next year it is never too late to plan and to maximize your retirement savings.

Education Planning

Our Education plan is a financial plan that is designed to fund key educational milestones as well as secure your childrens educational goals.

We can set up an Education Trust/Plan with a flexible arrangement such that both child and parent are excited about the future. Schooling home or abroad, lump sum payments can be made at start and annual contributions th

Investment Planning

At Vetiva, our principal objective is to help our clients achieve success within their expressed objective.

Through us, you can access Fixed Income and Money Market Investments, Equities and Commodity backed Investments e.g. Gold. Our seasoned professionals scrutinize the capital markets and economy daily to ensure your needs are responded to in constantly chan